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  1. Adding the kext above to OpenCore seems to work. I'm testing system stability now before I make it permanent. ./voltageshift offset -165 -70 -165 -70 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- VoltageShift offset Tool -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Before CPU voltageoffset: 0mv Before GPU voltageoffset: 0mv Before CPU Cache: 0mv Before System Agency: 0mv -------------------------------------------------------------------------- After CPU voltageoffset: -165mv After GPU voltageoffset: -70mv After CPU Cache: -165mv A
  2. Hi, I under-volted my CPU in Windows and I know these values are stable. (I've torture tested it for 16 hours with Prime95 small FFT's. Did some video encoding with Handbrake used the system for 2 weeks and finished Half-Life Black Mesa without a BSOD) This under-volt makes a massive difference in temperatures! Can I use these voltages in MacOS too? What would be the recommended way? Add the VoltageShift kext to OpenCore or is there a better way? Do I need to re-make CPUFriendDataProvider.kext? Throttlestop settings: CPU Core: -0.1650mV Intel GPU: -0.0703mV
  3. I thought you didn't get your machine to boot? My EFI is already posted above...
  4. Here are the files: https://github.com/Denisuu/ASUS-N580GD-Hackintosh Everything works accept for trackpad and HDMI. Trackpad: is showing up as ETPD in IOreg but doesn't work yet. HDMI: I'm currently using 2 external displays with a Dell D6000 universal dock over USB-C which does work. N580GD IOreg.7z
  5. I had a N580VD laptop but broke the motherboard and replaced it with a N580GD motherboard. Because I now have the newer Coffee Lake CPU (instead of a Kaby Lake) I will need to completely re-do the EFI. I will let you know when I manage to install Big Sur.
  6. I'll do a clean install, just to be sure. I have a full CloneZilla backup to restore if it doens't work. Edit: Clean install doesn't solve anything, trackpad works but not showing in settings.
  7. Some info that might be useful too: ELAN1200 Trackpad issue on ASUS N580VD: We have to use polling-mode because we can't use 0x47 as a hex pin because the DSDT is bugged. Or better the GPIO implementation is bugged. Our APIC PIN is 5f, which corresponds to decimal pin GPIO pin 71 (0x47 in hex)). We can't use interrupts, if we could we would see GPIO pin 0x55 in IOReg. New files: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1kRVh3WBHB2DflE6mg13bwNR8fN3pvM-u N580VD_DSDT-SSDT_Olarila.ioreg N580VD_SSDT-Only_Olarila.ioreg Without DSDT trackpad works but:
  8. Without DSDT.aml Trackpad works but not showing in IOreg. With DSDT.aml Trackpad not working and not showing in IOreg. I ran the config.plist through sanity checker and removed unnecessary stuff. The DSDT.aml that was in my EFI was already modified, not sure if that matters. GWRP was set to (0X0D, Zero) everywhere in an attempt to fix sleep. New SendMe: GoogleDrive
  9. Haha is it such a mess!? There might be some experimental or unused stuff in there because I'm also trying to fix sleep. New Sendme: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1kRVh3WBHB2DflE6mg13bwNR8fN3pvM-u?usp=sharing Edit: I just realise I had to probably remove all other SSDT's. I'll do that and make a new sendme when I get home. Trackpad is working again, but it isn't showing up in settings.
  10. Handy tool thanks! Done the file generated is "N580VD OC.0.6.0_Debug_27AUG2020.zip" I left the Clover IOreg with the working trackpad in the same folder. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1kRVh3WBHB2DflE6mg13bwNR8fN3pvM-u?usp=sharing
  11. Hi guys! I migrated from Clover to OpenCore with a clean MacOS install and now the trackpad isn't working anymore. During the install I used the pre-build Dortania SSDT-XOSI, which worked fine. After the install I replaced SSDT-XOSI with a manually made SSDT-GPIO as the guide suggested. After this the trackpad still worked so I started using a mouse, now the trackpad doesn't work anymore and I can't figure out why. I tried reverting back to XOSI, tried to remove other SSDT's and kexts that I added since it stopped working but nothing seems to solve it. I've attached IOReg from
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