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  1. Intel 6600u Ram : 12GB SSD Hynix 240gb m.2 Dell e7270 Non-touch / No Fingerprint Scanner
  2. @Maldon thank you so much for your reply but i get this error https://imgur.com/a/5TQ08jj
  3. Hello guys i try to install catalina . Dell e7270 but i get this error and stock i try to wait for 1hours nothing happen Stock at EB # LOG:Exitbs: Start +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Link to picture : https://imgur.com/a/lrKHY88
  4. @maldon I already test all patch you mention from removing # disable the other version X #framebuffer-conX-enable #framebuffer-conX-flags #framebuffer-conX-pipe #framebuffer-conX-type still only external hdmi is working my laptop display still not working please help me btw nice new look at site Thanks
  5. @maldon Sorry is this located at device --> arbitrary --> properties and I will just add framebuffer-conx
  6. @Maldon Hi maldon , sorry do I need a ktext for battery patch and also on the after I apply this to a copy of my original config.plist my display on my laptop is missing I can use only External Monitor HDMI and the video card memory is 1536mb PciRoot(0)/Pci(0x02,0) AAPL,ig-platform-id BgAmCg== device-id EgQAAA== #hda-gfx onboard-1 #AAPL00,override-no-connect #AAPL00,override-no-edid framebuffer-patch-enable 1 framebuffer-cursormem AACQAA== ## @1 HDMI #framebuffer-con1-enable 1 #framebuffer-con1-type AAgAAA== #framebuffer-con1-flags BgAAAA== #framebuffer-con1-pipe EgAAAA== ## @2 HDMI #framebuffer-con2-enable 1 #framebuffer-con2-type AAgAAA== #framebuffer-con2-flags BgAAAA== #framebuffer-con2-pipe EgAAAA== ## @3 HDMI #framebuffer-con3-enable 1 #framebuffer-con3-type AAgAAA== #framebuffer-con3-flags BgAAAA== #framebuffer-con3-pipe EgAAAA== ## patch0 Enable internal display after sleep for 0x0a2e0008 on 10.10.2-10.12.x © syscl #framebuffer-patch0-enable 1 #framebuffer-patch0-find AQAAAEAAAAAeAAAABQUJAQ== #framebuffer-patch0-replace AQAAAEAAAAAPAAAABQUJAQ== ## patch1 Enable internal display after sleep for 0x0a2e000a, 0x0a26000a #framebuffer-patch1-enable 1 #framebuffer-patch1-find AQAAAEAAAAAeAgAABQUJAQ== #framebuffer-patch1-replace AQAAAEAAAAAfAgAABQUJAQ== code]
  7. @maldon Hi maldon i get this error Acpibatterymanager warning fcurrentcapacity > fmaxcapacity . Adjusted fcurrentcapacity from 2600 , to 74
  8. Hello , Good Day I have problem on my laptop I just install Mojave for my laptop everything is fine except my HD-4600 intel graphics card it's only 4mb I cannot change my video memory to 64mb as my Toshiba Bios is different Please help me to fix my hd-4600 video card PS does Mojave have ktext for alps trackpad ? Looking forward for a help PS @maldon I donate with different email account 2 May 2019 at 10:14:59 AM GMT+8Transaction ID: 7KU58612JH126690Y Thanks you so much again Send me name-MacBook-Air.zip
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