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    --Opencore Vanilla Guide-- https://tinyurl.com/ycvcnp8h --Clover Vanilla Guide-- https://tinyurl.com/ydhgntcz --Full Solution with good fine tune you need post your files, check video and run this app bellow-- Download RunMe.app - https://tinyurl.com/y9562hz7 Let's start System password is 1234 Work in internal or external HDD/SSD / Don't restore to your Mojave/Catalina macOs SSD 1- Download this .dmg and put in your desktop Link 1- Link 2 - https://tinyurl.com/ydxme7jl Credits: vit9696 and Vandroiy 2- Open terminal and mount .dmg -Run in terminal- hdid -nomount "/Users/olarila.com/Desktop/macOS_11.dmg" *change user* 3- Check disks with diskutil list in terminal ***Pay attention, you need restore partition that has EFI partition and 120gb, check image below*** -Run in terminal- diskutil list In my case .dmg mounted is disk5 and my NVME is disk1 *mounted .dmg have 120 gb* 4- Unmount Disk *Make changes according to the result in the terminal* -Run in terminal- diskutil unmountDisk /dev/disk1 5- Restore *Make changes according to the result in the terminal* Restore from disk5 to disk1 -Run in terminal- sudo dd if=/dev/disk5 of=/dev/disk1 bs=32m with ctrl + t you can check progress Restore is done. 6- Let's check Clover config ***All credits to kuckkuck and vit9696*** a- Replace BOOTX64.efi in EFI/BOOT folder BOOTX64.efi.zip b- Replace CLOVERX64.efi in EFI/CLOVER folder CLOVERX64.efi.zip c- add -lilubetaall in Boot Arguments d- Go to KernelAndKextPatches tab, KernelToPatch and add these patches e- Compile last Kexts version, use this .command. OlarilaCLOVER.command.zip f- Use OC Quirks instead AptioMemoryFix.efi in Clover/drivers/UEFI https://tinyurl.com/y86au622 Boot into system and enjoy! Premade EFI Folder Serie 100/200/300/400 EFI PREMADE CLOVER.zip Resize Disk After restore Thanks to Pavo To resize the physical disk of BigSur when using this method *Identify the physical disk diskutil list *repair the physical disk partition sudo diskutil repairDisk diskX *Resize the physical disk container volume sudo diskutil apfs resizeContainer diskXs2 0
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    já deu uma busca no fórum? eu já editei esse arquivo várias vezes de todas as versões de bios
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    I fixed it by doing as follows: - Mount EFI - go to folder OC -> and open config.plist with PlistEdit Pro.app - Unfold "NVRAM, Add, 7c43...." and add "vsmcgen=1" to boot-args. See attached a screenshot. 😃 vsmcgen.png.zip
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    I made a guide for it on reddit a few days ago, I'll post it here :). I didn't really test it a lot but I have booted in Windows with CFG lock disabled, and it booted just fine, so yeah, might be worth it! The guide:
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    DSDT.aml.zip check here https://www.olarila.com/topic/6074-guide-easy-audio-solution-with-applealc-clover-and-opencore/
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    that all baby! for 10.15.3. if use 10.15.5 swapping AAP,ig-platform-id to 00009B3Econfig.zip

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