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  2. I attach file Send me iMac-de-Alberto.zip
  3. @MaLd0n thanks for your answer. I was ahead of the game, and yesterday I downloaded this same EFI from the "Downloads" section. I installed it on a pendrive and started the system from it. It started perfectly and I used it ayud dudrante all afternoon and night until I turned off the computer, but this morning, when I started my system again, the error returned. It happened 2 times. The first freeze occurred a few minutes after the system started, while checking emails in Thunderbird; the screens were gray and I had to turn off the system to be able to unlock it. I rebooted the system and the second freeze happened by writing this answer on the forum: one monitor was black, the other was gray and I had to turn the system off again. This time, the monitor that connects via hdmi was blocked in black: the gigabyte logo, the clover interface, the system startup, the Catalina background, all remained on one screen while the other remained black but with the power led as if it were on so I deduce that it was receiving a signal. I could not log in because the logging screen I deduce was left on the monitor blocked. I had to reboot the system, remove and reattach the locked monitor power cable to get the system to reboot on both monitors. I am trying to replicate the failure in some way, but I realize that almost most of the time, the problem occurs within a few minutes of first starting the system in the morning. Once the system freezes, I turn it off and restart it, it is very difficult for it to appear again ... there may be a second freeze (like today) shortly after the first one has happened, but generally it does not occur again during the day... If I search the console I can't find any registration error. I will appreciate any help that can guide me in solving this problem. Thank you!
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  6. I reburn the image but still have the same issue !! Here is my files from acpi/origin from the installion usb stick. May be easier to give some ideas from these? Thanks for the reply. origin.zip
  7. Dell Latitude E6400 Yes, I know that doesn't have any sense because the GM45 chipset isn't supported, but I've specially bought Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 setup with natively supported GPU and until it arrive to my house I'd like to try installing Olarila even if it's gonna be buggy and useless for daily operating system.
  8. Last OC CoffeeLake folder work smoothly, only get this just before the OC picker.
  9. Não consigo achar o lugar aonde fala quais são as especificações da máquina. Pode me ajudar a achar aonde clico no "Utilitário de Disco" para saber essas especificações para postá-las aqui?
  10. Hi, I have been following your guides and tutorial since Sierra in my laptop, but now I switched to a Desktop with AMD, everything works fine except audio and video. My specs: CPU: AMD Ryzen 3 2200G with Radeon Vega Graphics (4 core(s) GPU: Radeon RX 570 (4GB, DDR5) RAM: 16GB 1200 MHz, DDR4 The problem is that the System info shows an Intel Xeon CPU instead of mine, and audio is glitching, and doesn't sound clear in both, HDMI (in my monitor) and my headset (from the headphone jack). and the videos (like when I'm seeing a movie) sometimes jerks. Thanks in advance, hope you can help me. Send me Pedros-iMac-Pro.7z
  11. Hi, I tried to install Olarila Mojave but failed with verbose boot as shown in the attached picture. Boot flags that I used during the installation are: (default boot flags) + PCIRootUID=0 USBBusFix=Yes. I would be so glad if anybody can tell me about this error and how to solve it. Helps are much appreciated! Below is my laptop specs: Motherboard: ASUS X441B CPU: AMD A9-9425 RAM:4 GB iGPU: Radeon R5 (2 GB) Error _Olarila_Mojave.rar
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  14. Amigo o meu ta na mesma, mas segue ai: https://mega.nz/file/yzwVXIpY#a5fAw6HZAoCYHNOYJprrPPdBegPJFOkOALtu-DycurA Se conseguir sem precisar do sleep me avisa!
  15. impossible solve it with this folder use Olarila folder, is a good start with clean config
  16. send me is here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1UJ2Sc7iTk3h9ayYt5tCdDiwe1kJMdaTn?usp=sharing
  17. Maldon, usei a EFI e o DSDT. Agora tá funcionando muito bem!!! Muito obrigado! 👏 No hack tool, diz que tem algumas kext desatualizadas, posso atualizar ou deixa como está?
  18. Boa noite, Sou novato em computadores da Macintosh, mas tenho um pouco de experiência no sistema do Windows e um pouco utilizando Ubuntu. Meu desafio atual é reinstalar uma OS neste Mac que inventaram de sair formatando. E pra ajudar ainda mais, a IDMac e a senha foram perdidas. Tentei fazer a instalação da OS através do "Utilitários do OS X" selecionando a opção "Reinstalar OS X". Na tela seguinte aparece o nome ""OS X El Capitan" (Para configurar a instalação do OS X 10.11, clique em Continuar)". Eu clico em 'Continuar', aparece a opção de conectar com a internet e baixar a OS pela internet. Coloco um login e senha que tenho da Mac por conta de um iPhone. Fico logado. Mas logo ele acusa que o pacote não está disponível, que é para tentar novamente mais tarde. Já tentei durante três dias e ainda não foi possível baixar o pacote da OS e instalar via o processo automático de Reinstalação da OS X da Macintosh. Venho tentando fazer então um bootdrive. Segui os passos de fazer um bootdrive baixando a ISO da OS X El Capitan pelo site da Olarila. Fiz o processo pelo programa balenaEtcher. Pluguei o pendrive no Mac, iniciei o computador. Selecionei a opção "Disco de Inicialização". Foi dada a opção de reiniciar a máquina pelo pendrive que continha a ISO da OS X El Capitan. Na primeira vez que dei o boot ele entrou dando a opção de instalar a OS. Começou mas logo parou, acusando que não era possível continuar a instalação. Fucei mais um pouco, cliquei na opção de Desmontar ou Apagar o Mac HD por conta de um tutorial que vi na internet. Depois voltei aqui no site do Olarila, baixei a ISO do Catalina, fiz um bootdrive novo. Tentei fazer a instalação com o bootdrive do Catalina. Não entrou. Então fiz novamente um bootdrive com a OS X El Capitan. Coloquei a opção Disco de Inicialização. Reiniciou com a logo da maçã e a barrinha carregando embaixo até o final mas não entrando em nenhum tela nova depois disso. É isso. Podem me ajudar, por favor?! PS: Tentei achar o local onde tinha conseguido visualizar as configurações do computador, mas não consegui encontrá-las novamente.
  19. sim <key>framebuffer-con2-alldata</key> <data>AwYIAAAEAADHAwAA</data> <key>framebuffer-con2-enable</key> <integer>1</integer>
  20. use this folder https://tinyurl.com/ttu8wyt reboot and extract one sendme https://www.olarila.com/files/Utils/RunMe.app.zip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k9wmIfGLe3A
  21. MaLd0n


    cards work very good with agdpmod=pikera bootarg
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