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👉[ IMPORTANT ] We do not support sites like...


First - We don't ban anything about these sites. It's just a warning. Every place has great and amazing people.

We do not support sites like Reedit, TonyMac, Little-Translated, OpenCore Visual Beginners and others. These sites have a bunch of non-sense and dangerous things and is not good to one Real Vanilla Hackintosh!

You can check OpenCore Manual on Official GitHub ACDT HERE

We do not support the use of tools such as Unibeast and Multibeast as well as distros such as iAtkos, Niresh and such. Use Olarila Images or create your personal USB stick

Here we builded professional Hackintosh for Audio producers, Video producers, XCode Developers, etc with personal EFI folders and FULL ACPI patched like one Real Apple computer.

Olarila.com has nothing against anyone on the personal side, but the truth needs to be told!

Let's check some bizarre things from these sites and why we should avoid.

A good example is user 5T33Z0. This guy is a very crazy parrot copycat with no knowledge about ACPI. Check example bellow.

This guy injected RTC device properties inside ARTC device but this device need a SMC key CLKO to load AppleSMCRTC. Check CLKO properties bellow. :laugh:




Now let's check ARTC device with RTC properties. Check image bellow. :crazy:8eSqosf.png

Lack of knowledge and desperation make these guys inject anything to see an Apple device loaded. Very dangerous procedure! 


Welcome and Enjoy to Olarila.com!

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